About ImageSails


About Imagesails

ImageSails is the unique international marketing firm delivering advertising and art via sea and air utilizing the world’s first high-performance photographic sails. Employing our Patented process, ImageSails are proudly made in the USA, of the finest sailcloths, by our elite Sailmakers or yours. Our revolutionary technology delivers high-resolution large-scale images with the finest precision, vibrancy, and durability, with no effect on the sail’s performance, rendering previous methods virtually obsolete, and launching a new wave of marketing.

Why a “Floating Billboard”?

Traditional billboards and other large format advertising spaces have been around forever, but sadly for them, they tend to now blend into the landscape of familiarity. Our floating billboards are a brand new product in Out of Home (OOH) advertising. Striking and dynamic, some benefits of ImageSails large format sail advertising include:

Reusability. Billboards and large format ads are usually one-time, one-use. ImageSails are reused for years anywhere in the world, on an ImageSails Commissioned Advertising Vessel (CAV) or your own, and aren’t limited to a marketing schedule.

Uniqueness. People are automatically drawn to new and dynamic forms of advertising. Nothing catches your eye like a sail forty feet tall displaying photographic-resolution advertising in a fresh and beautiful upscale context. in tune with the environment. Against an uncluttered background of sea and sky, and otherwise white sails, grab far greater attention than stagnant billboards and signage.

Exposure. Floating billboards cover areas unreachable by any other large format advertisements: high-end waterfronts, waterways, harbors, lakes, beaches, etc.

Pinpoint Targeting. Strategically sailed during specific times and events, like a holiday festival on San Francisco’s harbor when the entire city is out, or near a waterfront stadium packed with spectators for a game, concert, or convention.

Ad Campaign Tailoring. Customize your campaign, defining style, length, and location. Sail advertising may be the entire campaign or just a piece of the puzzle, used in conjunction with land and air marketing for coordinated statements.

Artistry. The ImageSails Design Team is an international pool of artistic and technical genius, allowing ImageSails to create in a way never before achieved. The Team’s eye and vision lead the way to uniquely communicating your statement.

Revolutionary Printing Technology

ImageSails are the world’s first high-performance printed sails for art and advertising. Their Patented process creates the finest image quality and durability available, yet there is virtually no weight gain, nor effect on the characteristics of the fabrics: the finest sailcloths from the world’s top manufacturers, including Challenge Sailcloth™ and Dimension-Polyant™.

As innovators in new print technologies, we employ a Patented system to ensure the highest resolution and longest lasting qualities available. Years of research and development, headed by Founder/Creative Director Daniel Gohstand’s extensive knowledge of printing techniques from his photographic background, coupled with a unique relationship with one of the world’s finest print houses, has yielded the highest-resolution, most vibrant, UV-and-salt water-resistant, durable prints known at sea. ImageSails’ longevity make them extraordinarily cost-effective with time, far outlasting other means, allowing advertisers to fly their branding for years for the price of a one-off billboard.

Built by Our Elite Sailmakers or Yours:

Interface with Virtually Any Loft in the World

The Perfect Canvas

ImageSails embraces the concept of advertising as art, and indeed, art as advertising. We feel the two needn’t be mutually-exclusive, but may instead be mutually-beneficial, allowing for pure creativity, and advertising artfully delivered via a cutting-edge method in a unique setting. We meld powerful advertising with brilliant art, in a way that’s more memorable, and therefore, valuable, on every level. ImageSails’ presentations serve as unforgettable statements, whether personal, or business. ImageSails supports the creative process from concept to fruition; you may choose or create your artwork via a variety of tools:

ImageSails’ In-house Design Team. Sometimes you don’t know exactly what you want, or don’t feel you have the expertise to design on something as elegant and specific as a sail. No worries—you’re in luck! Our Designers know the intricacies of sail design and have lifetimes of illustration and graphic design experience. We’ll design your ad from head-to-foot, or just be there to advise, or simply prepare your print-ready artwork.

SailDraft™. Use our exclusive online SailDraft™ designer to upload your artwork (logos, images, text, etc.) and preview what it will look like on your chosen sail, and purchase online. Or use SailDraft strictly as tool to help visualize what your design will look like, then take it offline and into one of masterful Designers’ hands.

Artwork Gallery. Don’t know exactly what you want? The work of our exclusive international Artists may be showcased on your sail, or incorporated into your presentation, directly benefiting the creator. Or, we’ll work hard to secure a license for any artwork you desire. We’ve created a stunning, massive canvas without limit of imagination!

And remember, ImageSails are not just for advertising! Print any artwork imaginable to showcase your sailboat and further increase distinction.

Print Coverage Options

Several Options to Choose From!

100% Coverage Options

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Spinnaker Options

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Sail Advertising

ImageSails harnesses the power of a floating or flying billboard to bring your marketing to targeted audiences and events via a revolutionary platform which unites advertisers, vessels, captains, artists, and custom sails.

Advertise on a Sail

ImageSails is the unique international marketing firm delivering advertising and art via sea and air utilizing the world’s first high-performance photographic sails!

Create Your Sail

Create your own sail using our SailDraft™ technology, with your design, or one from our library of renowned Artists!

List Your Vessel for Advertisers

ImageSails’ unique system seamlessly unites advertisers, vessels, captains, and artists via a unique online platform. Owners and charter companies may list their vessels and captaining services for advertising applications. Earn income for doing what you love!

Feel Good About Your Purchase

A portion of proceeds benefits Doctors for Santa Maria de Jesus, bringing medical aid, education, art, and other support to a humble Indigenous community in Guatemala.

Pricing & Sail Design Options

Each project is customized to your specifications. To get started, submit the form below…