The Art of Sailing®

ImageSails are: the first, the finest, American hand-crafted, and beneficial to Doctors for Santa Maria de Jesús.

We are a full-service provider: from image, to design, to the finest printed sails! If you can dream it, ImageSails’ Design Team will realize it.

ImageSails are the world’s first printed sails for art and advertising without compromise of performance. Displaying marketing, photography, and art utilizing our Patent Pending process, ImageSails are proudly made in the USA, utilizing the finest sailcloths, by our elite sailmakers or yours.

We are your creative team from start to finish. Our design team will help you realize your visual concepts, delivering presentations that function as beautiful art, powerful advertising, and a melding of both. You may choose images by CEO/Creative Director Daniel Gohstand, from our Exclusive Artists, Getty Images™, famous artists’ libraries, or supply your own. Utilize our SailDraft™ customizer to create your work of art online, or contact us with your specifics, and we’ll follow-up to hone a quote and begin visualizing. The ImageSails Design Team works with you closely to make your creative dreams a reality.

Virtually any sail may be ordered, whether sailboat mains, jibs, gennakers, spinnakers, etc., or the wind collecting apparatus of other wind-powered vessels, including but not limited to kitesurfing sails, windsurfing/sailboarding sails, other sails, canopies for parachutes and sails for hang gliders, hot air balloons, and kites. ImageSails will custom manufacture for virtually all makes, sizes, and ages. Rig your entire vessel or fleet with ImageSails to complete your presentation!

Feel Good About Your Investment

A portion of all proceeds benefit Doctors for Santa Maria de Jesús, bringing medical aid to a beautiful, humble, impoverished Indigenous town in Guatemala. As well, your commissioning of art from our Exclusive Artists directly supports them.

Contact ImageSails and Begin Your Next Journey…

Visit our Contact Page to begin your journey, or head over to SailDraft™ to see what your custom sail will look like!