It all came about as ImageSails’ CEO/Creative Director Daniel Gohstand, and the town of Santa Maria de Jesus, Guatemala, watched images Gohstand had created of their community projected on the 30-foot screen they had sewn and draped over the front of the cathedral in the central square. The scale, the movement in the wind, the life, the power of the emotion…Gohstand knew the sailing world would be the perfect venue for such moving art. To give back to the community, he established a project to bring medical aid to the town, Doctors for Santa Maria de Jesus, donating a portion of all proceeds to the community.

ImageSails was soon after realized: the grand conveyance of the unique and beautiful, via an expression that has captivated the industry. First-of-their kind, each uniquely your own…creative expression ranging from pure art, to elegant advertising, to anything one may envision. ImageSails has grown exponentially, revolutionizing sailing’s aesthetics, and capturing its extensive marketing opportunities by envisioning beautiful works of art as powerful advertising.

ImageSails: the realization of a great artistic dream, with boundless opportunity.