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ImageSails are the first in-the-world printed sails for art and advertising, with no compromise in the sail’s performance. The brainchild of photographer Daniel Gohstand, their Patented process creates the finest imaging clarity and durability available. There is virtually no weight gain, nor effect on the characteristics of the fabrics, which are the finest sail cloths from the world’s top manufacturers, including Challenge Sailcloth™, and DIMENSION-POLYANT™.

Artistry: The ImageSails Design Team is an international team of artistic and technical genius, allowing ImageSails to create in a way never before achieved. CEO/Creative Director Daniel Gohstand’s eye and emotional depth have paved the way for uniquely communicating your ideas and spirit.

ImageSails are: the first of their kind, the best marketing outlet in years, American hand-crafted, and beneficial to Doctors for Santa Maria de Jesus… a stunning method of distinguishing yourself and your brand.