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Anything we may together dream-up! We are your Art Department! We are your Design Team!

ImageSails embraces the concept of advertising as art, and indeed, art as advertising. We feel the two needn’t be mutually-exclusive, but may instead be mutually-beneficial, allowing for pure creativity, and advertising artfully delivered via a cutting-edge method in a unique setting. We meld powerful advertising with brilliant art, in a way that’s more memorable, and therefore, valuable, on every level. ImageSails’ memorable presentations serve as unforgettable statements, whether personal, or branding.

ImageSails continues to innovate with SailDraft™, our online sail designer! With SailDraft™, we’re not only creating for clients, but clients are also creating for themselves! With this unique online design tool, you may create your own sail: choose a template, upload images or utilize those of our Exclusive Artists, insert text…make it your own! Then order, or contact ImageSails to finalize the project. The ImageSails Design Team is ready to help at any stage of the creative process!

Daniel Gohstand’s stunning cultural photographs are available free of licensing fees. Get creative with exclusively-licensed works from ImageSails’ Exclusive Artists, further ensuring the uniqueness of your ImageSail (viewable in SailDraft™). Or, tap into the breadth of the Getty Images™ library. Should you have high-resolution print-ready artwork, it may be directly transferred, or honed as needed by the ImageSails Design Team. Utilize your own photography or artwork, or that of your family. Whatever you envision, we’re here to make your artistic and advertising dreams a reality.