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Miami, Florida 33131

Founder, Creative Director
Daniel Gohstand


The Art of Sailing®
Let Your Imagination Sail®
Image Really Is Everything!™
Changing the Face of Sailing™


The world’s first manufacturer of high performance printed sails for sailboats and other wind-powered vessels for use as art or advertising. With studios in San Francisco, Miami, and Antigua, Guatemala, ImageSails balances Patented, archetypal technical innovation with artistic interface, while embracing humanitarianism for impoverished communities.

Mission Statement

To make the world’s most beautiful sails for sailboats and other wind-powered vessels, uniting artistic prowess and technical innovation, while honoring fellow Artists and those in need.


ImageSails accepts proposals for acquisition, partnership, merger, investment, and other beneficial situations. Please contact us via this Investor form to discuss your proposition. Thank you for your interest.

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