Print providers and Art Department of the sail industry

ImageSails interfaces with virtually any loft in the world!
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Stickers are for kids, paint is for porches, sandwiches are for lunch!

You’re a proud sailmaker. You’d like to offer customization via amazing photo-realistic graphics, but who wants to mess with all the conceptualizing, file preparation, printing….it’s a different beast, and not what you’re in it for. You don’t really want to maintain entire Art and Print Departments.

Leave the art to us!

ImageSails will relieve you of the burden, seamlessly integrating unprecedented graphics into your workflow.

A new era in sailmaking that doesn’t change a thing!

Are you still slapping on those big, clumsy, single-colored outlines-of-some-obvious-shape onto the amazing sails you lovingly construct? Must be painful. Do you wanna’ talk about it? Look—what’s done is done, but today’s a new day! We can help!

Our integral system has no effect on your sail, so you maintain the performance you’ve devoted yourself to, while broadening customization. You design and assemble as usual, so there’s no interruption to your normal workflow. At last, there’s a system that allows you to seamlessly interface with the finest Creative Team and Patented system, while maintaining both quality, and focus on what you love. You’ll be proud to offer a system that delivers the graphics clients desire, without wrestling with your better judgement as a Sailmaker. Trifecta: you win, we win, and most of all, your clients win!

Leave stickers for the kids, leave the paint for the front porch (it needs it!)… now go grab yourself a sandwich!