Doctors for Santa María de Jesús

A portion of all proceeds benefit Doctors for Santa María de Jesús

The first time ImageSails’ Founder Daniel Gohstand entered the Cathedral in Santa María de Jesús, Guatemala, he was awed and inspired by the wave of color and spirit. In subsequent years, the generosity of the people there allowed him to create images that communicate the deep kindness and dignity of their community.

Determined to honor their friendship, and seeing first-hand that the town was great need of medical care, he started a personal project, Doctors for Santa María de Jesús. A portion of all proceeds from ImageSails funds doctors’ visits to the town, and helps to pay for much-needed medicine; the money goes directly to those who need it, in the way they need it most. Additionally, Daniel invites fellow Artists and Educators to visit the town to share their talents with the community.

Only 15 minutes outside of Antigua, Guatemala, this humble Indigenous town needs nearly everything much of the world takes for granted: medical attention of all types, dentistry, education, English instruction, Special Needs education, women’s and children’s support, water, reliable power, sustainable agricultural input… support of all these issues is greatly welcome. Through working with the community and its leaders and volunteers, and by garnering support from those abroad, it’s growing into a sincere effort by groups and individuals throughout the world to help in a variety of ways.

The people of Santa María de Jesús

This is a loving community—humble and dignified. Situated on majestic Volcan de Agua, this town of approximately 20,000 displays deep spirit and fortitude. They welcome your presence and support; you will find the experience profound.