ImageSails Sponsorship and Promotional Marketing Program

To officially submit a sponsorship or promotional marketing request, please complete the form on our contact page. We carefully consider all requests.

The following are the main criteria considered in determining whether to move forward with an opportunity, and ImageSails’ parameters. The opportunity does not necessarily have to meet all criteria.

  • The opportunity involves a charitable or nonprofit organization.
  • The opportunity involves an artist at its core, or is an artistic pursuit.
  • We will reach a significant audience in a large geographic area beneficial to our growth.
  • We will receive photos, videos (especially drone), press coverage, website features, testimonials, case study, etc., and links to same.
  • The submitter or their organization must provide a contact to field all inquiries, press or otherwise.
  • The design of all sponsored sails will be determined by ImageSails, and will include the ImageSails logo, website, and other art as desired by imageSails.
  • All submissions must be received at least three months prior to the desired donation date.
  • Approved donations may be full or partial, as determined by ImageSails.
  • We only sponsor sail donations and collaborations.
  • All ImageSails’ decisions are ours solely, and final.

ImageSails is committed to sharing the love of art, and support for communities in need. We appreciate your interest and request.