C&C Sails and Butch Boos

ImageSails’ tight relationship with C&C Sails of Houston, Texas, creates one-of-a-kind works of art, built by hand in the USA. Owner Butch Boos’s years of sailmaking and racing experience, along with ImageSails’ patented technology for showcasing high-impact creativity, combine to offer you the highest-quality and most beautiful sails available.

C&C Sails’ Owner Butch Boos began making sails in 1998, working with Quantum, then Seabrooke, until 2002. He went on to take a central role in the advancement of C&C Sails, where he came under the mentoring of Founder, Ed Christie. Incorporating his knowledge from the aerospace industry, Boos took over operations of C&C Sails in 2009, and when Christie passed away in 2013, the business was left to Boos.

The benefits of Christi’s tutelage were immediately apparent in the refined sails Boos delivered with meticulous attention to detail from his loft’s tightly-knit environment. “I always loved the sea, and making sails was the perfect way for me to hone my talents in the water!” says Boos from his Houston loft. “We’re a family here–a close team of committed craftspeople providing sails that are uniquely hand-made.”

Boos started racing in 2000 and now has many notable wins under his belt. Most recently, Boos and his racing partner, Jim Apple, won First Place for 2015 Offshore Boat of the Year for Non-Spin Class in the Texas Ocean Racing Circuit and Second Place Boat of the Year for Galveston Bay. In 2015, Boos won the Bay Cup Series. C&C Sails’ racing and cruising sails power notable vessels around the world.


“We’re very proud of the attention to detail we give to each and every sail we manufacture with ImageSails,” says Boos. “There is no compromise in our philosophy–only the singular goal of delivering beautiful high-performance sails that are unique in the world!”