Executive Vice President of Sails

A consummate Business Development specialist and strategic business thinker, Cody is highly skilled in sales and strategic partnerships.

Growing up in Coastal Texas, Cody saw his share of sails. As he ventured out into the world (acquiring a taste for the finer things), he took notice of the commitment and attention to detail sailing requires, and his appreciation rapidly grew. A natural swimmer with eight years as a Health/Wellness professional, he resonates deeply with the sea, and all it contains.

“I sync perfectly with the ImageSails vision, especially our work in Santa María de Jesús,” says Cody. “It’s apparent that Daniel is a deeply passionate artist. It doesn’t just show in the quality of our sails, but also in the sense of service and pride he instills in our team, and the positive focus we maintain. Joy radiates from the heart of our mission, down through the mast of every one of our valued client’s vessels.”

ImageSails welcomes Cody’s business savvy as we continue to expand. “It’s an amazing concept that we’re rapidly building into a uniquely powerful worldwide brand,” says Cody. “I’m here to chart a new course for entrepreneurs and business owners for gaining unparalleled exposure. I’m motivated by the altruism and beauty at its core. We’ll have it everywhere in short order–it deserves to be.”